What is Super Learning Camp TM?

Super Learning CampTM is an intensive 3-days interactive camp designed to transform your child. Your child will experience:

  • Increased Motivation
  • Excellent Academic Results
  • Improved Communication  Skills
  • Positive Character Building

Who Can Join?

  • Junior School from Age 11-12
  • High School from Age 13 – 17

When and Where?

  • 9th-11th December, 2010
  • Broga – Semenyih, Selangor

Click here for map to Broga

What Will You Learn?

By taking an interactive approach, employing experiential learning techniques (about 8 sessions in all) and classroom teaching, the participants will learn among other important subjects:

  1. Challenging the limiting assumptions and breaking the self-imposed limits
  2. Creating a compass for your life
  3. Recognizing Your True Potential and  the unique you
  4. Changing and aligning Your Beliefs
  5. Minding Your Own Business
  6. Mastering Learning Techniques

  • Mind Mapping
  • Super Memory
  • Communication Skills

7.  Mastering Success Techniques

  • Goal-setting
  • Time Management
  • Examination Skills
  • EQ Management
  • Leading a balances life

What Results Can I Expect ?

A motivated and balanced teenager, who is prepared for the future. Apart from living skills and motivational topics we focus on learning strategies as well.

Why Should I Sign Up in Super Learning CampTM

We are the teen peak performance specialists. We employ safe, fun, interactive and experiential approach to renew the mind and vision of teenagers.  We offer first class product at affordable fee.

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